Right in time for winter's peak DJ's Planet B.E.N. and Yo Yo have compiled...

the 'Best of Planet B.E.N Records'.

Its an fantastic Full On Psytrance adventure! The best tracks of Planet B.E.N. Records collected on a ice melting CD!Expect ten mind and body shaking tunes by friends such as Electric Universe, D-Tek, Bliss, Planet B.E.N., Audio-X SiriusIsness, Phanatic, Rinkadink, Gataka, Mekkanikka, Cpu, This ten Dancefloor impacts will shake 'you'!On all Dancefloors around the Globe.

Ben (collaborating this time with Mekkanikka) have produced a smashing exclusive tune for this collection of finest peaktime stuff And its class for its own! 3 brandnew and exclusive tracks soundscapes this highly recommend compilation!. YOU love it!:')


01. D-Tek vs. Audio-X - Neuronet 07:06
02. Electro Sun vs. Phanatic - Corona 06:48
03. Rinkadink vs. Gataka - Lost Laundry 08:04
04. Mekkanikka vs. Bliss - Jen's Addiction 07:28
05. Cpu - Sweet Beats 08:41
06. Electric Universe - The Self Is I 06:29
07. Audio-X vs. Stereo-FX - Steroxxx 07:05
08. Phanatic - Multiface 07:14
09. Planet B.E.N. vs. Mekkanikka - Solid 07:18
10. Sirius Isness - So Weird 08:03

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