"Hallo to all!

I decided to introduce my second idea of spreading my music among my fans to build up what is important for me: other, different side of trance, full of ideas, full of colorful music. During last 4 years I produced almost 30 tracks under Kino Oko name. There was a chance to hear some of them on many compilations and Lost Entertainment album as well but I have still plenty of unreleased tracks which I don’t want to put on my second album but also don’t want to put into trash. Working on my and Bigwigs second album I decided to select brightest and strongest ideas I did in the past and share with all of you. It’s beautiful story of me and evolution of my mind as an artist, how I developed myself, my skills and how my inspirations change.

So after this short introduction explaining what inspired me to make such a move… I want to give my unreleased tracks to my fans for free. Everyone who digs what I’m doing definitely deserves to have my tracks form the past, never released before. Name of this historical album is ”Very Lost Entertainment”. Some of tracks are very old, lost and forgotten even for me… made in 2001, 2002… while listening to it I still don’t feel tracks are obsolete, outdated. Of course some tracks have production problems, sound is not perfect, not as good as I can deliver today but it’s not so important in this idea. I want my fans to be prepared for Kino Oko and Bigwigs next albums which both will be released next year on Horns and Hoofs.

”Very Lost Entertainment” has 12 tracks:

1. Balance Unstable (2004)
2. Disco Twist (2005)
3. Discreet Continous (2002)
4. Way to Obirsju (2004)
5. Heaven's Talk (2005)
6. Money and Destruction (2004)
7. My Son (2003)
8. Relax Relax (2001)
9. Reversed Philosophy (2003)
10. Send to Send (2002)
11. Spooky Sinus (2003)
12. Tango Mimosa (2006) "

Итого - ранее не издававшийся материал многими любимого Kino Oko, он же Grzegorz Magnuszewski.

Скачать: http://magnes.conecta.com.pl/frame set all.htm
В архиве, с нумерацией треков: http://www.filefactory.com/file/4ce0ed/ Пароль: trancetrax.ru